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2-3 December: Ready 4 a weekend Antwerp? We ARE!

BCBF: a celebration of friendship, shared passion, dreams and the love of craft!

Billie’s Craft Beer Fest will be the first craft beer festival of its kind in Belgium. For 2 days Antwerp will be the absolute Promised Land for beergeeks from all over the world!

Together with a team of 7 certified beer connoisseurs and hobby brewers from both HopisHop and Billie's Bier Kafétaria- the two organisors- Billie the French Bulldog selected over 40 of the world's’ best craft brewers to guarantee you a delightful taste experience. No crap, just craft. 

For the love of craft, 

Billie bids you welcome! - 13November 

11 & 12 November: Thé lady sommelier of Flanders comes with "Justbeer" expo event

High-end beer event

Just Beer is a high-end beer event, organised by Sofie Vanrafelgem for pure aficionados and real beer lovers. It's different than the regular beer festivals in Belgium, especially by making it more premium and mainstream does not belong to their vocabulary.
Just Beer also comes out with beer from outside Belgium. What she also likes to do, is bringing beers to the front that only high beer geeks have heard about before... Curious to see how it will look like? and of course, how it will taste? Please, welcome yourself and let's meet there to share a drink! 
Liselot Caura - 2 October 

BBD's first Brewery Tour 

Belgiumbeerdays is organising and exclusive brewery tour! A visit to a commercial, small And Lambic brewery is what makes it the whole experience.  Only once or twice a year. 
Soooooon....... Bbd will pick up the client in Ghent to spend a full day of traveling to three breweries. 
Only for €129 you can be a participator. 
Whats included?
-Lunch - Guides brewery tours - Transport - Degustations - one six pack 
Write us an email to be the first, places are limited! 

Liselot Caura - 29 August

1 - 3 September: Thé Beer weekend of the year: only in Brussels

The Belgian Beer Weekend is one of the biggest Belgian beer festivals and it takes place against the stunning backdrop of Brussels’ historic main square. Around 50 Belgian breweries serve up around 350 different Belgian beers, mostly from larger specialty beer breweries and commercial concerns.
Location: Grand Place, Brussels, Belgium - 11 August

Visit their website for more information:

26 - 27 August: BXL Beer Fest: The Crossroads of beer and friends
 A new festival debuting in 2017 with a focus on promoting Brussels and celebrating gastronomy. The profile and know how of its organizing team mean its worth checking it out in its first year: Jean Hummer of the Moeder Lambic bars in Brussels, Kevin Desmet of the Belgian Beer Geek blog, Olivier Desmet who owns beer restaurant Nüetnigenough and beer reporter, Vincent Callut.

Location: Brussels, Belgium - 2 August 

Visit their website: 

19h August: 8th Edition of Ghent's beer festival 

The Ghent Beer Festival – organised by the Gentse Biervereniging (Ghent Beer Association) – takes place in the tree-lined garden at the back of the VIP School on Martelaarslaan. It’s an extremely relaxed festival which offers plenty of options for both casual beer drinker and full-out beer geek and every year they put a ‘guest’ country in the spotlight. These beer geeks are also known for a good selection of local beers. We are looking forward anyway! 

Liselot Caura , - 22 July 

Visit their website for more information: 

Partner De Heeren van Liedekercke knows what a Good Belgian beer is 

Last weekend Belgiumbeerdays visited the famous restaurant "Heeren van Liedekercke", which is named as Best Restaurant in the world in 2014 by, located in beautiful Flanders part of Belgium. The restaurant found his roots in 1991, that makes them already 26-years old. Why did we choosed this particular restaurant?

Well, you need to know that a lot of Belgian beer-enthusiasts and especially the Lambic-style fans from the US and Scandinavia come to this beer-bar and restaurant to eat and drink their favourite brews. Most of the food from the menu is made with a Belgian beer.
De Heeren van Liedekercke also have a couple of  Lambic-brews specially made for Joost De Four and his wife : the Cantillon Crianza Helena 2008 (for the birth of their daughter) and from Brouwerij 3 Fonteinen J&J (Blauw en Roos) 2003.
Joost, the owner from De Heeren van Liedekercke says he probably has the largest menu of beers in the world. They also have ALL of the Gueuze-Lambics, Fruit-Lambics and a great selection of aged beers.
So after reading this shortly description, think about combining your beer tasting tour with booking a reservation at this place, as you will regret if you dont do this. ;) 
31 may 2017 - Liselot Caura

Belgian Beer Culture recognised by UNESCO as Intangible Cultural Heritage 

BRUSSELS - “We have won the World Cup!” exclaims Sven Gatz, Minister of Culture for Flanders. In his former role as Managing Director of the Federation of Belgian Brewers he immediately lent his support to the initiative to submit an application to UNESCO to have Belgian beer culture recognised as Intangible Cultural Heritage.

Several years later the verdict has arrived: Belgium is now officially a world reference when it comes to beer culture. The Federation of Belgian Brewers has its offices on the Grand-Place in Brussels which, by the way, is itself a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The moment the decision is made, a media storm ensues. The people behind the project have a microphone thrust into their faces and are eye-to-eye with the camera. All of a sudden, Belgian beer is a ‘hot item’. The brewers have now hoisted the ‘Fier op ons bier’ (‘Proud of our beer’) flag on the protected façade of the Brewer’s House. Only a few seconds later, trays with well-filled beer glasses are doing the rounds.

Happiness and good cheer abound. “Our patience has been rewarded,” Sven Gatz states. “It was not always easy to get all the noses to point in the same direction as different people have different interests. Also, it’s hard to describe what is meant by ‘beer culture’. It is about the typically Belgian art of living and about the beer that unites all of us Belgians.”

“Beer culture encompasses brewing expertise, in-depth research into taste, established breweries as well as up-and-coming microbreweries... Nowadays, everybody will find something to their taste in our beer country of Belgium and it is precisely this diversity that is our greatest trump card.”
19 may 2017 - 



Leuven is offering unforgettable moments as the place to beer. 
During the last weekend of April, Leuven is a must visit for all beer tourist of the world. Visitors can taste about 500 different beers by 100 different brewers during the Zythos Beer Festival. This ZBF-event is only 5km away from Leuvens city centre.  And there are also beer walks, beer workshops, Leuven beer routes, and tastings at Leuven’s own city brewery, Domus. The world’s biggest brewer, AB InBev, also opens its doors to curious visitors. The programme starts on the evening of Friday with a festival in the centre of the city. Several hotels offer surprising beer packages, while many restaurants serve delicious beer-based dishes. So like this picture is saying: it's really THé place to beer. 
21 March 2017 - Liselot Caura




AB InBev buys out brewer of Kwak and Tripel Karmeliet

Belgian beer giant AB InBev has taken over Bosteels Brewery, the seven-generation company behind specialty beers such as Kwak and Tripel Karmeliet. With the acquisition, the largest brewer in the world becomes even larger, write various Belgian and international media.

According to Belgian media, Heineken was also in the race to take over the brewer, but the company never responded to the rumours.

Founded in 1791, the brewery was owned and run by the Bosteels family for seven generations. Over the past three years, production increased by 50%, making Bosteels one of the 10 largest independent breweries in Belgium.

As demand continues to rise for specialty beers worldwide, sales have only gone up for large breweries like AB Inbev, which has ammassed an eclectic portfolio of specialty beers through similar acquisitions of small family breweries.

9 September 2016 - Liselot Caura


Beerfestival: 2 - 4 September in Brussels: Belgian Beer Weekend

The Knighthood of the Brewers’ Paddle and the Belgian Brewers, in collaboration with the City of Brussels and the Brussels-Capital Region, organize the 18th edition of the BELGIAN BEER WEEKEND from Friday 2nd till Sunday 4th September 2016.

The Grand’Place of Brussels will serve once more as decor for this event entirely dedicated to our national drink. You will have the opportunity to enjoy one or more excellent Belgian beers in one of the most beautiful settings in the world.

Throughout the weekend, several small, medium-sized and large Belgian breweries (see list of the participants) will offer you a wide range of their products what will allow you to discover the different kinds of beers that stand for the reputation of our country.

The entrance is free.

See you there beer lovers? 

23 August 2016 - Liselot Caura 



Dutch brewer Bavaria to acquire Belgium's Palm

Bavaria N.V. and Palm Belgian Craft Brewers announced today that they are joining forces. With the takeover, Bavaria N.V. has acquired 60% of the shares of, and thus majority interest in, Palm Belgian Craft Brewers. As of today, Palm Belgian Craft Brewers will be a part of Bavaria N.V. As of 2021, Palm Belgian Craft Brewers will be a 100% part of Bavaria N.V. The two family brewers are finding synergy amongst each other thanks to their mutual background and shared passion for beer.

10 May 2016 - Liselot Caura 

Ladies visit brewery for brewing next Deliria!

Brewing Deliria and having all the ladies at the brewery was really great! Deliria will be available March 8th 2016, International Women's Day! You can find it in the Delirum Cafés and better beer bars all over the world. This initiative is yearly organised by the brewery in the flanders city"Melle" near Ghent

9 February 2016 - Liselot Caura

Tre Fontane

And we have a first Italian trappist beer !

Last year, in 2015 was a birthday of a new trappist beer outside Belgium.

The General Meeting from the International Trappist Association was the place of the official beer tasting that was followed by a vote by the members of the Board of Directors allowing the Tre Fontane Abbey to use the Authentic Trappist Product" label on the new Trappist beer.

The new beer has 8,5% of ABV and is described by the Association like this:

“The high carbonation gives the mouthfeel a pleasant dry finish. The mildly sweet aftertaste comes from the soothing flavor of eucalyptus herb, which cleanses and refreshes the palate. While the beer gives the impression of being light, it has abundant body. The high alcohol content adds a warm, refined feeling to the soothing highlights of the eucalyptus.”

This is the third Abbey with a brewery accepted in the International Trappist Association in the last few years.

16 January 2016 - Liselot Caura